Update on the 2014 XC-MTB Season:

You’ve spoken, and we’ve heard you! Due to the large amount of feedback we have received regarding the new 2014 MTB racing categories, we have decided to return to the 2013 category breakdown. Although some individuals were in favor of change, the overall response indicated the new lineup was not encouraging for a large portion of our racers. These reactions were received through email, face to face interactions at events such as the Bicycling Expo, as well as through social media. Little by little we are working towards making the events the best they can be, and most enjoyable for you as racers. Resultantly in times of tough decisions we encourage feedback so we can match the events up to your needs/desires as best as possible. On that note, here is the category breakdown we will be utilizing for the upcoming season.

Timing System:

 Most of you know by now-new timing system. Yay! The system will utilize RFID disposable chips and will help get results sorted more efficiently and faster than previously.


 As some of you may have heard, USAC is now requiring a 1-day license for any MTB racer who does not already hold an annual. Expert and Elite racers have always been required to hold an annual, but up until this point Sport and Beginner MTB racers haven’t had to have a license at all. SO, any Sport or Beginner racer who does not hold an annual license must purchase a 1-day at any USAC sanctioned event they participate in ($10). If you’re considering doing multiple races, an annual would probably be the way to go. An annual license will get you sorted for 3 disciplines of cycling for all of 2014--mountain, road and cyclo-cross. Who knows, maybe you’ll get hooked onto a discipline you’ve never done before!

More info on licenses:


Pricing/Series Ticket:

 This being said, we realize that many of our beginner racers in particular do not hold an annual license since they are so new to the sport. We’ve had to raise prices this year to help support the disposable chips our new timing system will provide, along with the growing expenses of running the events. In order to help these beginner racers ease into the sport more easily, we have kept their rates at a lower cost. Additionally, we are offering series entry tickets at a reduced rate. If you know you’ll be participating in the series no matter what…the series ticket is the way to go! We’ll be selling these at the Mountain Bike Expo on Sunday (cash or check), and they will be available online within the next month.

Benefits of a Series Ticket:

 Pre registers you for the whole season -no filling out day-of paperwork at the race venues -saves you from worrying about online reg. deadlines or bringing the checkbook to races -it's a discounted price!

Series Eligibility:

 In order to be eligible for the Tailwind MTB overall awards, racers must participate in at least FIVE races. We will total the SIX highest point scores out of the eight races to determine finals series placing. If the racer holds an Annual USAC MTB License, the overall winner of each Class/Age Group will be the USAC Michigan State Champion for 2014.


 If you are interested in helping sponsor the series as a whole, or an individual race with product or monetary means, great! Contact us for a list of our sponsorship options.

Those are all the updates we have at this point...we’ll continue to update our FB page regarding our 2014 venues as the parks finalize our permits. Getting stoked for the season

If you have any questions, feel free to email Rebecca at: info@tailwind-racing.com)


Our new on-line registration is through www.usacycling.org. You must create an account (don't worry - you are NOT required to hold a USAC license to do this!). Afterwards, go to the 'EVENTS' link on USAC's home page, click the 'On-line' registration tab, under the 'Links' tab, click on 'register for an event', search 'Michigan', and look for 'Event Name' on the list!

Check out the "View Registrations and Race Predictor" for our events on the USAC registration page. Don't have points by your name? Snag a license, do some races and start earning points!